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Has anyone created an Amazon baby wishlist and successfully got the free gift? No matter what I do the free gift I add seem to be chargeable in my basket 🤷🏻‍♀️
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Same happened to me and I made a similar post 😂 Bar 1 or 2 people no one seems to be able to use it automatically. Reach out to customer service and they’ll give you credit for the gift.

Thank you, thought I was doing something wrong 🤦🏻‍♀️ tried about 5 times haha

I got it but I am sure there is a code to enter for it in the original email

The products you can use for it to then be applied fo basket are very few and far between too.

I got a nappy bin free from it but took a few attempts of adding different things to my basket. If I remember correctly you had to spen £20 on things from your wishlist that were dicount eligable so we got 2 things we would have orderer anyway and that got us the free bin. I didn't ever manage to get the free baby club box though think it discounted to £5 but never free as advertised on their own website.

Nope. Been trying my whole pregnancy and I’ve given up. I did manage to get a similar one somewhere else that I just paid postage on

No it’s such a waste of time

Nope, ended up contacting customer service and they gave me credit for the gift I was trying to buy, nappy bin. Took me hours with customer service, talked to about 5 different people in the chat bit. No one knew about the offer or how it worked and even when they told me which products I can add it still didn’t work 😅🤦🏼‍♀️ Then told me to pay full price and contact them when I receive it for a refund 🤔 I said no to that and after many more long conversations I’ve got the credit for it. By then I found a free bin on marketplace, so used the credit to get other baby bits that I was after anyways

It worked for me. Your order has to be over £20 and has to be shipped and sold by Amazon too. If it is from another company it won't work. You add your free gift to the checkout and it will take off the cost of that. Hope that helps!

Customer service was rubbish when I asked them xx

They told me you have to wait 5 days after making the list and after purchasing the qualifying £20 for the gift to be available

I never got one x

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