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  • 3 months ago

Questions for kids hair expert

I would definitely ask them when is too early to color your kids hair? And when is too early to get a perm? I got a perm when I was 12. Now that I’m a mom that definitely seems too young!! What would you ask a hair expert if you could ask them anything?
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I had a question at what age can you use a hair straightener on your kids hair

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Im a licensed cosmetologist and am all for kids expressing themselves through cutting and coloring hair! I would have to say though, if they want anything that involves bleach or perms please go to a professional stylist! Direct dyes are okay to do at home (all the fun colors like Manic Panic), but please don't use box dyes that you can buy in the store either. They are more harsh on your hair than professional color is and it really isn't worth the risk just to save some money. Color corrections are very expensive once the damage is done.

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Look up dyeing hair with kool-Aide.

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I would have loved all this colour play as a kid !

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My daughter is 5 and she has been getting color in her hair for over a year but it is safe dye

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I absolutely love it!!! My almost four year old wants blue hair for his birthday... has been asking for almost a year... we’re finally caving lol

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