First ever positive 🙏

Hi all, I probably sound silly but this is the first ever positive test we’ve had in our long TTC journey. I would only be 4 weeks, but should I be worried that the down line isn’t as dark as the horizontal line? Thank you 🤞
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This is actually quite strong for only 4 weeks along! It looks amazing, congrats!

Hi Izzie, thanks for commenting- that’s amazing to hear 🤞 after all things time you get into a routine of taking tests and there being nothing to see, I truly wasn’t expecting this 🥰

Congratulations on your big fat positive!! This looks like a very strength positive! Xx

@Amber my heart is beating so fast, here’s hoping it will get stronger and stronger 🤞

Darling i don't think it could get much stronger! Don't keep testing because when it's that strong there's no denying it ....your pregnant! Your having a baby !! Xxx

It’s perfect. Celebrate such a wonderful time mama! Xx

So happy for you! I am also 4 weeks too :)

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