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I found out I was pregnant last week. Think I’m only about 5 weeks. I have been doing tests every day to see if the lines are getting darker… which they definitely are… 🙂 So I was just wondering how long I should keep doing them every day or second day for? How many weeks should I be when I stop?
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This is the first time I’ve heard about testing regularly , try and not test, your pregnant and congratulations 🥂 I’ve done two tests one normal and one digital on the same day and now I won’t test again. As far as I am aware with regards to the lines they won’t get lighter. Not even if the worst case was to happen as the level of hormones are still in your body. I might be wrong but, To put your mind at ease why not book a private scan xx

I’ve done 10 tests in the last 6 days 😬 just super anxious as I had a late miscarriage at 17 weeks last year. I’ve read quite a few posts where someone’s tests got lighter over time and it turned out they were miscarrying… something to do with the HCG levels decreasing if something is wrong? Not sure if this is a real thing or coincidence… but I am so paranoid. I have a scan booked on the 6thx X

I’ve been doing the same! I’m 5w also and I test every morning just to be sure. It’s not necessary and there could be lots of reasons why the line is lighter than it was the day before. I like to see the two lines so I test every single day! Whatever helps your anxiety xx

If lines on tests are getting fainter it can indeed show a MC is happening I tested every few days up until I was 7 weeks for reassurance. Always use first morning wee. After 7 weeks I stopped because around 8-9 weeks the HCG levels get SO high that tests can start to show negative again

Making me anxious now 😅 and this is my second I’ve never heard of it before but I suppose you learn something new every day!

Me too I’m 5 weeks , found out sat

I had a late loss too in second trimester in November, I test every other day aswell 🤍 whatever helps you feel less anxious then it’s worth it in my opinion. Just bare in mind what someone has said about the hook effect so don’t panic, happened to me at around 7 weeks last time xxx

Hook effort?

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