Collection and waiting

Had my collection yesterday and we got more eggs than expected but only 40% have fertilized. I knew this waiting time afterwards was tough but didn’t appreciate how tough until now! Waiting for a fresh transfer hopefully Friday. I know it only takes one and I’m so lucky to have been able to do this at all…but gosh it’s tough
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Just sending you a lot of luck and positive thoughts

Thank you!

Best of luck 🤞

I should clarify - more eggs than expected in the context of us not expecting many at all!

I feel you! My transfer is in a few hours time. For the last 5 days every time my phone rings my heart drops thinking it's the clinic saying somethings up! Nerves are high but I guess all we can do is take a breather and have faith ❤️

Best best best of luck xx

Good luck to you 🙏 we had 8 eggs collected, 4 fertilised, 2 made it to the day 5 blastocyst. I had a fresh transfer with one and it worked! We have our beautiful boy. We have since had a frozen transfer with the remaining embryo, but unfortunately had a chemical pregnancy. It does only take 1, you've got this 🙏

Thank you - this was so helpful to hear, really lucky to have anything at all I know!!

@Midey hope all went well, we had ours yesterday, now the wait begins…

@Laura it did thank you! How is it going for you? I'm trying not to over analyse my symptoms tbh! Test date is Jun 8th so trying to keep busy until then xx

@Midey best of luck! Same here, having lots of cramps now which is deffo just the drugs but it’s hard not to read into it!

@Laura I made it to test day and unfortunately it is not my time. I'll call the clinic tomorrow for next steps. Fingers crossed for you sending lots and lots of baby dust your way xx

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