How many days past ovulation

i did you get a positive on clear blue ultra early digital test
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I got one 10DPO last week ☺️

@Victoria congratulations!! Is 8dpo too early to test

Yes id say so, but some people do show positive at 8dpo but everyones different. Its so hard not to test i was testing near enough every day but with normal tests and then when i did a 6 day early one i was shocked 😬 x

6-12dpo is implantation and then it takes about 2 days for hcg to rise so 8dpo would be too early

@Nevaeh I got a positive at 10 dpo with my son. But a positive at 15 dpo with my next pregnancy which ended in a mc I was getting negative until 15 dpo.

@Victoria I hope I get a bfp 😣 I hate infertility. So happy for you xxx

Yeah each time will be a little different so you never know, I'm sorry about that btw

Thankyou! I hope you get a bfp ☺️❤️

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