Has anyone got pregnant ovulation day 16/17? Or is that too late
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If your cycle is pretty regular it won’t really matter how early/late you ovulate if it’s a normal cycle. So typically with a 28 day cycle you ovulate CD 14. Then it’s 14 days after. So if you have a slightly longer cycle it’s normal to ovulate later. With my daughter I ovulated CD 15 as I had a 29 day cycle. Where it can be a problem is if you have a short luteal phase, this can mean it’s harder for implantation etc x

Thank you! It’s usually between cycle day 28-31, so if I ovulate say 16/17 is that ok? X

My cycle is the same, usually between 29-31 days and I usually ovulate between day 15 - 17. I had my ovulation checked recently and they said everything was absolutely fine xx

It doesn’t matter when in the cycle you ovulate, as long as you are ovulating then you can get pregnant!

I just had a 31 day cycle and ovulated day 19! But my ovulation date and cycle dates vary so I use LH strips and also track my basal temperature daily so I don’t miss it.

Yeah that’s totally fine, sounds about right with those dates x

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