Any other single moms out there with no contact to "baby daddy" ? I am grateful we are away from the abuse, but it can be really hard without a support system. Half of my family are assholes and the other half live too far away to help. I just feel alone.
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👋🏻 Me. He's currently in active addiction. And my family... they're all passed away besides my narcissistic mother, whom I have little contact with. I don't have much support, because everyone still has their own lives going on. I'm here if you ever need to chat 💓

Me as well. He's a narcissist who denies being the father because I don't want to be with him because of the abuse and mind games. He lives in Vegas. And my family isn't supportive on either side... I don't know if I should apply for child support because it's the only way to get help with necessities. I feel alone as well so I can definitely relate.

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