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I would like to know what do Scarborough General Hospital provides for delivery. I’m getting my bag ready and I wanna take just what’s really necessary! By the way I’m new here, ahí to all the gorgeous mamas in Scarborough!!!
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I had my 2nd there, just bring what you'll need and use don't over pack lol. A few outfits for baby, mits and socks(optional if not on the sleeper). Phone charger, snacks for you and a water bottle. Diapers and wipes, a pillow or blanket for you to be extra comfy (I had my squishy stuffy that was perfect for between the knees)

You can Google SGH and check their birth unit on what they offer… it should be on their site just like I checked for Sunnybrook and Humber

I was admitted early and completely unprepared what I ended up packing was bare essentials phone, charger, change of clothes for me and a few for baby, my bf stayed with me so he packed a bag for himself. They do offer a decent amount of food in the communal kitchen (sandwiches and drinks) but these run out fast so someone has to be really watching when they’re brought up to get some for you. I didn’t have a chance to pack and bedding pillow and blankets and these were not the greatest but I managed just fine without. If you plan to bf bring a nursing pillow would highly recommend as I didn’t have one and regretted it.

You can get a tour of the facility! When I went for the tour, they told us to pack extra diapers/pads/etc. And that they will provide essentials as well. They have a kitchen where you can keep food.

@Syeda that's awesome

@Nikki thanks ! So if I want. Midwife I need to give birth at another place or ward?

You need to secure a midwife first. Midwives usual get booked months in advance as they become your primary caregiver. When are you due? If you’re in 10-15 weeks you may still have a shot

Hey mamas I just gave birth on the 31st of may and to be honest they didn’t give me much just some pads, one disposable diaper, some newborn diapers and wet wipes. But in all honesty no one offered it you may get a nurse that will do some extra for you but most of them don’t.

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