Markham stoufville

Has anyone given birth at Markham stoufville? Just looking for insight how it would be, what the hospital provides and such and what to put in my hospital bag! Thank you in advance!
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I had given birth there when Covid first started, and although my care was OK, they didn’t offer me anything. No diapers, just formula and I kept having to ask for more. They gave one or two bottles at a time. The only other thing I got was the Peri bottle and a few pads. I really really hope things have improved since then, but that was my experience. Expect to pay for a private room if you want your partner to stay.

I gave birth in January this year. I was in the midwifery unit, but was unable to give birth naturally so they moved me over to the reg part of the hospital. The lady who did my C-section was amazing. Aftercare was good nurses gave use diapers when we ran out and formula. 3 at a time one person just gave us a whole bunch. Gave us new towels whenever we asked. My hospital bag was not well pack didnt expect to be admitted. I forgot i took out a bunch of stuff earlier in the week. Peri bottle was given too. Just have a lot of diapers i brought 4 stayed 3 days i should of brought the whole pack for myslef. I was very much minimally prepared. We also opted for a private room they gave is a swaddle with markham hospital logo on it. It was a halo branded swaddle.

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