Need book friends:)

Anyone want to be book buddies! I’m located in Arkansas and would love to find friends with the same interests as me:)
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Hey, sure! I'm in AZ. What are you reading?

I’m in Virginia but I love to read. What are you reading?

We have a book club it’s called Bibliophiles’ Book Club. I’ve met so many book buddies in it. Everyone is nice and friendly . You are always welcome to pop in if you want and you can see what we are reading for the next few months. It’s under groups. If I can figure out how to put a link here I will. Book buddies are the best buddies !💜📚📚📚

What books are you interested in?


@Janet currently reading butcher and blackbird

@Sam 🔮 dark romance, fantasy, and thrillers

Oo which ones are you currently reading?

I would love to! I’m in Washington/north idaho area but would love to chat and be friends! I’m into thrillers and romantasy and currently reading A Fate Inked in Blood and an ARC of Her Father’s Secret.

Hey love in Cli need a book bestie as well 💕

@Sam 🔮 currently reading butcher and blackbird

@Sierra omg that’s on my tbr list I hope it’s good

@Sierra oo how are they?

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