Reduced movements 26+2

Hi all! Thought I’d put a post on to ask some general advice/guidance. When do midwives suggest you monitor movements? I’ve had very regular movements from baby since about 20 weeks. Today he’s just been a little quiet. I have still felt him move on the odd occasion, but he just isn’t doing his usual big kicks. Should I be concerned or is this normal at this gestation? I don’t know whether they only start to worry about it in the third trimester etc? Thanks in advance :)
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Baby’s usually have a regular movement patterns from 25 weeks. I find this with my baby at the moment but as long as you feel him move that is good! Drink plenty of water

Any reduced movements is a call for a triage. And going for a check . Regardless. I had to do that three times during my pregnancy. And every time, I was treated with all the care I needed. And was said well done for doing that as many women just don't. So even though you feel your little one, get yourselves checked as many times as you require ❤️

@Dragon mummy thank you so much for this. I don’t want to leave it and something be wrong but also don’t want to have triage thinking I’m a nuisance! I’ll give it another hour or so, hydrate and try to change position and if I don’t feel anything I’ll give them a call x

@Lucy thank you for this lovely x

I was told they only look at a pattern from 28 weeks. I'd still ring in if you're worried though, put your mind at rest

@Laurie thank you. I ended up ringing in and they want to see me as he’s normally very regular and active etc. fingers crossed all is okay haha

@Ellie Hope everything is OK, glad they're seeing you

From about 24 weeks you should have regular movement, if you are concerned at all call triage, trust me they want to see you!

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