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I’ve bought these to start weaning can someone advise me would I give the rice before a breastfeed or after? And the pouch is that like a snack
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I’d do the porridge after baby’s milk. If it says to make it with the formula you can use whatever baby doesn’t drink to make the formula or make a bigger bottle and use some of that instead😊x

When starting weaning I would always do a milk feed before offering food, like 20 mins half an hour, something like that. When closer to one I would switch it, around 11 months and do food first. Milk is the most important source of nutrients before one but after it you don't want them to take too much milk and not enough food.

Shouldn’t need a snack at this age. You could just offer the pouch or porridge. I’ve started on one meal a day as found baby was getting constipated then will slowly increase meals

@Julia thank you so much! I won’t have to give him sips of water as it’s not actual solids? Or do I still need to x

@Laura thank you so much for the information I really appreciate it! This makes a lot of sense x

@Emma thank you so much! Makes sense tbh x

@Louise brilliant thank you so much! X

You could probably give maybe one or 2 sips of cool boiled water unless they are over 6 months old then I’ve read it’s okay for it to be tap water but I’d still boil it x

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