Doesn’t say mama

LO says a few words but not mama. My pediatrician at his 15 month appointment yesterday said he should be saying mama??? Especially if I’m around him all the time. Ugh dying inside.
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Start using it in your daily vocab. Or have your partner call you mama to your son. Be like “can you give that to mama?” Or anything in that way. My husband and I call each other mama and dada now😂

@Marla yeah I always say “wait for mama” or “mama loves you” “give it to mama” etc. Husband just started doing that.

Mine doesn’t either which makes me so nervous to go to out 16 month appt. He says other things and I’m always trying to get him to say mama he just won’t

Mine doesn’t really say it either and it drives me nuts too. But mine can say mama. It was one of his first random words. He started saying it again but it is only once or twice randomly and can go a while without saying it. He has even said mommy a few times. So if your LO has made the sound but doesn’t say it consistently then shouldn’t be an issue. They just don’t care to say it yet. I literally made up a momma song and just was singing it several times a day. It helps them to hear it frequently. I even say every possible word starting with m. Lmao. Anything to get him to use the m sound. Play videos in the background for him to hear it too. Lucas & friends on YouTube has a video learning to say words like momma. Seems to have helped him say it more. Could also ask pediatrician for a speech therapy referral in the meantime. GL!

My daughter doesn’t say it all the time and she definitely doesn’t call me mama. We call her mama as a nickname and she repeats it occasionally but it’s not something I’m worried about because she says lots of other things

@Bria he says dog! Dada! Yes! yeah! Up! That! Calls our dogs name (doesn’t say it right but calls her) etc etc He knows words like “snack” “milk” “outside” but doesn’t say them - but otherwise communicates really well. And has hit all the physical milestones: climbs, walks, jumps up and down, waves, claps, occasionally blows kisses, puts his arms up when he says up, points, gives kisses time to time

My little one is 16 months and close to 17, and she doesnt say mama either. She says dada all the time, you shouldnt worried it will come.

@Mayra thank you ♥️♥️

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