Squirming after feeds

3 week old formula fed squirming after feeds more when he’s on his back we’ve tried burping sitting him upright after feeds in case he has reflux is all this normal our other child had CMPA and I feel like I’m just looking for all the signs 🙈
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Following as my 4 week old has started being like this🥲

It's hard to say because loads of babies do this and it's normal. I'd say if that's your only sign it's probably not cmpa x

My baby squirms and grunts a lot so that’s why we always have to burp him well because milk comes up sometimes

My 4.5 week old started doing this a week or so ago - burping more has helped a bit plus doing bicycle kicks with his legs seems to have released some of the wind but it's obviously an ongoing thing!) it's definitely worse at night when he's in his crib

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