Any Emergency C sections Aftercare Talk?? Anyone?

I have a friend who’s having a planned C section next week, and she’s had all the chats with her midwife about what will happen and aftercare. It just dawned on me I had ZERO aftercare conversations or a debriefing on what had happened to me. It actually triggered some post traumatic stress from a previous illness/ operation I had. I’m just curious if you had any help? I knew nothing about my next period/ scar massage/ how soon to be exercising etc. Luckily we have the internet! 🤦‍♀️
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My c-section wasn’t planned so my midwife never spoke about it to me. The aftercare I received in the hospital was awful and they didn’t give me any information about aftercare except ‘don’t lift anything else but your baby’ the day I went home a nurse took of my plaster from my c-section scar and forgot to put another one back on (I didn’t know they had to so I didn’t question it) when I went for my 5 day check up to weigh my baby the nurses had asked to see my scar and if it was healing nicely. I had showed them and they were distraught that they didn’t put another plaster on before I left the hospital. I was very lucky that my sister-in-law had a c-section a few months beforehand so I asked her everything and anything I could about what I should be doing!

I had an emergency ceaseran and I was never told any information but, my midwife said I can always request it by calling the doctors x

@Tammy yep! My mum thinks I should go to the doctor for a check over as can’t believe there’s no official check over after. They didn’t even look at my 6 week follow up

@Beth sounds a good comment 👍 I have loads of little niggles with it but as busy as we are put all my time into my LO rather than myself at the doctors now! 🫣

@Sarah You had a 6 week follow up, I didn’t have one? 😂 I mean I would have gone to the doctor but it’s awful trying to get through to my GP, let alone try and get an appointment because they’re always fully booked!

@Tammy yeah where they just told me about Contraception! 😜

I had a six week check up and they looked at my scar but no one told me anything about after care other than no stairs and no lifting other than my baby. I couldn’t wait to go home but i struggled once I was home mainly because getting up or even laying down was so painful and I didn’t have a recliner to help me move up or down like in the hospital

Mine was an emergency c section and I had the surgeon come down the morning after and explained what happened but otherwise literally nothing, no advice or anything, wasn’t told not to drive or not to lift etc, I only knew this from what I’d read. I booked my 6 week check with my gp and they didn’t even ask about how my scar was healing literally just forced contraception on me

Mine was planned and I stayed in the hospital for two days. They checked on me regularly and advised me to walk but not too much. Once I got home it was very hard to move around, pick up my baby but I had help from my husband. I was told only soap and water to wash my scar and I was sent home with pink soap from the hospital. They checked on me at my 6 weeks mark and I even had an appointment just for them to check my scar and get the glue peeled which was already falling off. I would say my experience was well and I had a great doctor that always advised me what to do. However, I definitely underestimated the pain.

I didn't get told anything after my emergency c section either, it wasn't until my checkup after leaving hospital and the several times I've been to urgent care that they've given me information I was confused about or just had no idea

I had absolutely no conversation after an unplanned c-section. They did tell my husband that they removed my placenta for me because it was already dying and flaking. Which made everything make sense as they told me while in labour that I had a bad infection according to blood work, despite no symptoms. I have never even been in hospital before having a baby, so I had no idea how to look after my incision 🫤 xx

Mine was planned after en ECV and I didn't get to see the midwife before the surgery so all I had a was the info I found online. They did hand me a leaflet on recovery when I was discharged from the hospital.

I had an emergency section and as amazing as the staff were at looking after me as I had to stay overnight no after care was told to me and it wasn’t even explained why I’d ended up having the section. Luckily I’m now nearly a year postpartum and everything’s ok but I won’t be having another 😂

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