Just sick of being friendless

I watch other parents on the school run talk go for coffee or friends meeting up for dinners ect.. nobody tells you how lonely being a mum is…. I am just so tired of having no friends. They just kind of disappeared after I have my little ones. It’s exhausting not knowing why finding friends in your 30s is so hard
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I feel ya on this 1

Hi I understand. I have felt that way too xx

Just as mums were expected to carry the mental and physical load and we forget us x

Completely agree with you.. it can be such a lonely road x

Now a days if you not from the area or grew up in area your not good enough for them

I’m hey I feel you on this x

I feel this one to

It can be so lonely. Sending ❤️

I am feeling exactly the same way there are more of us around. I lost all my friends in my 20s before kids and now the school run is full of tight knit groups and it feels like they just kind of rub it in your face. I can’t infiltrate any clique, no one talks to me or invites me anywhere. To be fair I have lost all the confidence I once had, I am full of anxiety and have no idea how to have conversations any more either x

@Danielle agree with you on this, I moved to my area 7 years ago and still feel like I don’t belong x

mine disappeared after highschool 😭 & then i found a few friends at one job after high school it was fun but then they disappeared after we all quit now it's so lonely and depressing, life is just so bland without having people to share with.

When I was working, I kept trying to make new friends through work but they never lasted. None of my childhood friends/school friends are my friends now. Sometimes I wish it wasn't such a big deal bc I'm tired of feeling bad about not having friends. The only people I interact with on a regular basis are family members.

@Allison Same. Literally just my mom/aunt or something.

Me too 😔

Trust me I get what your saying.

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