Morning sickness

Hey girls so I’m currently 27 week’s and my morning sickness has decided to return slightly. The past two days I’ve thrown up on an empty stomach about 25 to 30 minutes after waking up. Is this normal or is anyone else experiencing this.
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I’m in the same boat. I went through the same thing during my first pregnancy, hopefully it goes away for you before you give birth. Just try to stay as hydrated as you can, it’s hard but I just keep a water bottle by my bed at night so I have access to cold water and try to eat at least toast or a cracker right away.

I didn't really get any morning sickness but I would become nauseous all the time. That stopped for a while but has been starting again and I just really can't eat. I've found these ginger candies that have helped and just eating small snacks with lots of protein throughout the day has been easier on me than meals

I have morning sickness from my first trimester. I had it until my 5thmonth. I m on anti nausea medications now and feel much better. It even controlled the problem of throwing up gastric juices because of empty stomach I had a hard time to control empty stomach issue. I usually eat breakfast within 30 minutes of getting up with toast, biscuits and oats with milk. I have tried other food categories (threw them out) and finally settled with these three items.

Same here! It’s morning and afternoon for me. Yesterday morning I used so much force that blood capillaries burst on my cheeks and neck

I’m the same way. My nausea went away around 15 weeks but I’m not 25 weeks and puke if I don’t eat or gag if I eat certain foods!

In 26 weeks and feeling nauseous too after I eat a meal. It just started this week.

Same! I believe is due to a pick of progesterone happening during these weeks! I have been taking unisom my all pregnancy and when I tried to reduced it, I felt horrible again. I am just hopeless as I am sure it will just stay the all pregnancy 🥺

I feel you I find out if I'm nauseous in the morning when I brush my teeth. I don't know why I throw up on an empty stomach either but my doctor made it sound normal

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