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Has anyone in the UK asked for an earlier c section date (I’m talking matter of days not weeks) and been accepted? I was given a date for when I turn 38 weeks 6 days, as baby is breech and I have GD and excess fluid. However, I also have PUPPP rash and Pelvic Groin Pain. Every single day I’m in pain and my stress has been awful. I cry every day, I barely get out of bed, I can’t cook or clean and I can’t go anywhere. If I’m not having pain from walking or moving my legs I’m itchy, if I’m not itchy I’m stinging because I itched myself, if I’m not stinging the injury on the back of my thigh muscle acts up and causes me a awful muscle cramp pain. I honestly sit in bed itching and barely moving every day. I only have 9 days left till my c section date but I honestly would love it to be sooner. I’m currently 37 + 4 and I was thinking to call the advise line and ask if it’s possible to move my date forward a few days. Has anyone else experienced this? I want baby to be healthy and he is, I’ve already collected loads of colostrum for him and everything is ready for his arrival. I’m just so uncomfortable and distressed I’m worried it’ll start to affect him
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they gave me a date for 39+6, i wasn’t happy with it being that late as i have gd and other complications and they moved it to 38 weeks, tell them what you’re comfortable and not comfortable with and they should accommodate within reason x

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I had a date for 39w4d and I requested an earlier date because I’ve been so miserable and I also have high fluid. They moved it to tomorrow for 37w6d. My baby is in the 99th percentile though so they aren’t concerned about his weight; I’d ask your doctor. The worst they can do is say no 🤷🏻‍♀️

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