Couldn’t do sweep

Anyone else in the same position as me? Baby hasn’t dropped at all and is still very high in my ribs and I went for a sweep this AM but they couldn’t do it as my cervix wasn’t remotely reachable 😭! I’m 39 + 5 days. Any advise on how to get her to come down would be greatly appreciated 😅 (Booked for an induction next Friday which I want to avoid doing- low risk pregnancy)
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If you are low risk, how come you’re booked for an induction?

I just had my sweep at exactly 40 weeks. My baby is super low though! I’ve been kerb walking, going sideways up and down the stairs, exercises on my yoga ball etc. also eating 6 dates a day for the last few weeks! They wanted to book my induction for 41 weeks, I’ve declined and they said they can push back to 41+5 and agree to extra monitoring but explained the risks. Hoping baby comes soon! 🤞

I refused to have a sweep today at 40 weeks and my induction in booked for 41 weeks + 6 days. I know the wait is long but if you and your baby are healthy it is worth waiting for labour to start naturally

@Lauren I feel we are the same stage. I've just had a sweep too and they wanted me in for induction Thursday (40+6) but I asked for it to be pushed back to at least 41+4 (next Tuesday). Im classed as low risk too but I had a placenta haemorrhage with my first when I was over so this is always in the back of my mind when I think about going too far overdue. I hope things happen naturally for us all 🧡

They told me there could be more complications to go over the 7 days (even at a low risk). but reading from others this might just be let’s get it over and done with statment? I really want to go naturally as the thought of going in and being medically induced sounds awful (going from zero pain to full on contraction pain). The midwife is coming back out to me on Sunday to attempt the sweep again if she’s dropped l! @Lauren @Sue that’s interesting to know that you can push it out?! I am going to phone back tomorrow and see if they can move induction to the week after as I want to give baby as much time to come on her own ❤️

There are far more risks to an induction than there are for a low risk birth to go beyond 41 weeks.

@Kirsty ah good luck, I hope it works for you!! Did you have the injection to have your placenta delivered before?

@incognito the risks of stillbirth are slightly higher once you start going overdue, but when you look at the actual stats, the difference is really minimal. My midwife suggested reading some of Sara Wickham’s info on inductions, so I’m glad to have someone on board with me refusing an induction. Unfortunately, I know 4 families that have had stillbirths, and none of them were overdue. My midwife said a lot of the time, there’s nothing they could’ve done to save the baby, it’s nothing that anyone has done wrong, it just would’ve happened that way anyway, sadly. They can’t make you do anything, you have to agree to any interventions, it’s always worth using the BRAIN model to ask any questions about interventions they want to take. You can push it back and request extra monitoring.

@Lauren It was 13 years ago so not 100% sure but I think I started to heamorrhage before the injection. I had the injection with my second in 2021. Is it something you accept? X

@Incognito I've done some basic research but I've seen you comment quite alot on induction posts so presuming you've done extensive research. Why do you think hospitals are pushing induction more these days if the risk is higher than going overdue (if they actually are.. it seems to me they are?)x

@Kirsty I guess the idea is that the injection is supposed to stop you from haemorrhaging, I think I had it last time but I ended up in theatre and was a bit high on gas and air! I’m hoping for a home birth this time and I’m not sure whether to accept it, maybe after an hour if it hasn’t come out yet. I’m sure I read something recently about how it is more likely to lead to haemorrhaging if you haven’t had any other interventions but I might have made that up! Can’t remember where I saw it now.

I had a sweep attempt yesterday also at 39+5 and been told the same thing - baby is not engaged and cervix is not ‘ripe’. I have been walking, bouncing, miles circuit but have read that nothing makes that much difference and it’s just a case of waiting until baby is ready. Also read that things can change with your cervix within 24-36 hours so holding out for some progress before my next sweep attempt / having to book an induction! X

Got told the same thing today and I am 40 weeks 2 days!! She said my cervix is soo far back and baby’s heads so low down and she said I need an induction if baby don’t come so I am booked for Sunday 41 weeks and think be the pessary! I am scared and fed up but want what’s best for baby and myself! I am only little also frame wise and I think this is part of it. I have had no risks etc during pregnancy but they said the pessary may help my cervix open because of how closed it is and has been for weeks even tho I am doing everything I can to try help out :( xxx

I feel like I should say that most first babies are expected around 41 weeks. 41 weeks isn’t an “overdue” baby as healthy full term is 37+5 to 42 weeks. Im fortunate to have good midwives who are happy for me to wait for baby naturally and confirmed waiting until at least 42 weeks for a low risk pregnancy is absolutely fine. No one should force you or make you feel bad into getting an induction before 42 weeks. Your due date is a very outdated estimate, so don’t worry if you go past it ❤️

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