Can’t shift painful engorgement pls help 😭

I’ve had it for a week on and off. I’ve been doing hot compress, showers, pumping, massage, offering it to bubs (who is less interested in it in the day now) and omg I’m just in so much pain. Been to the docs and she doesn’t suspect it’s mastitis or anything. So much fullness and lumpiness on the top and outside of the breast but only managing to pump an oz or 2 😭
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Baths help. Massaging before pumping and feeding helps, but pumping does make it worse in the long run. Cold helped ease my pain, I would leave cabbage leaves in the freezer and put them in my bra xx

I hadn’t thought of cabbage. Is it any cabbage you use? I was thinking that pumping was going to make it worse. It’s come on because he refused his formula on holiday so he was always nursing but not taking full feeds and now I’m all sore and backed up 😭 I keep massaging but find it so painful. It’s as if he can’t get any milk out of it even though it’s lumpy and full feeling

Cold compress is actually recommended for engorgement. Also, when pumping are you shortening the amount of time you pump each time? I had this problem with my first son and it’s a process but you have to get your body to realize it doesn’t need to produce so much milk.

Ok so this is going to sound as crazy now as it did the first time I heard it but IT WORKED! I was told to hold the engorged breast and SHAKE IT I know, it sounds nutso Look it up on YouTube ! I actually watched a video about it It was so hard and painful but I pushed through the pain and shook it a couple of times and did it a few times a day until it just stoped altogether. Try it girl

@Domonique I’m only doing 5 mins or so at a time to try to relieve the pressure but I wasn’t getting anything. Thankfully he fed okay ish in the night and I’m not so sore today!! I’ll keep with the cold compress cos I do find the hot makes me uncomfortable - as if it’s already hot enough!

@Bianca omg that does sound nuts but I’m going to try it 😂 been a while since I’ve shook these tatas

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