Not quite crawling 😆

Anyone else’s little ones at this phase? Army crawling to get the job done right now 😂 Time to baby proof the entire house! (Leggings off to help him grip the mat which seems to be working)
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We’ve had this for a couple of weeks or so - literally can get everywhere 🤣 x

@Lauren I was not ready 😅 I wonder how long we have until they’re on all 4s 😳

Is this a totter & tumble mat? If so how have you found it? I’ve just ordered one today in the hopes to get him moving!

@Jemma it’s amazing! Worth every penny. It may be coincidence but he didn’t really move before we got this and now… well as you can see 😆 no stopping him!

@Harriet awww amazing! I’ll let you know how we get on 😊

My baby tried ti do this but weirdly enough, she goes backwards instead 😂😂😂

@Robiat mine did this at first! Just for a few days and now he’s worked out going forwards. I bet it won’t be long for you 😅

Mine does this but gets onto all fourd now and then launches forward 🙈 she's so fast as well. This evening I was sat on the floor with her and a toy was the other side of my outstretched legs and she worked out how to climb over me to get it. I feel this stage has crept up quickly xx

@Harriet so not ready… my first barely moved anywhere until he was like 8/9 months! He’s very close to all fours, he’s started leaning forward when sitting today 🙈🙈

@Hayley oh my 🙈 I can’t believe we’re at this stage already. Where did our tiny babies go 😭

So is my 6 month old!! Does this so fast now I was hoping he wouldn’t till later on as my first little boy also crawled at 6 months 😢😂

@Stephanie I thought I had a bit longer tbh! He’s started doing it out of nowhere 😅

Mines on all 4s but going backwards 😂 been like it for about 1.5 weeks and still no sign of going the right direction lol

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