Gap in tooth

Not the best photo but my little girls tooth has come in with a split down the middle of it, I originally thought she had two teeth coming through at once but now i notice it is in fact one tooth and has a split down the middle. Has anyone else’s little ones had this? Should I be worried? She has a dentist appointment on the 8th July
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I mean I see 9 teeth but if you are really worried talk to a dentist

@Sarah that’s what I saw to begin with but the “two” on the bottom right are actually together at the bottom (couldn’t get a decent photo but will try again)

Looks like she's maybe damaged it? Has she had a fall or anything? My son chipped one of his teeth on the edge of the bath 😫

I wouldn’t worry. More space is better than no space. I know kids that have had to get braces because their mouth is too crowded and there’s no room. And teeth are usually hereditary. Does anyone have big gaps in their teeth?

Looks ok for now, you can always look into braces once they are a little older

Do not be worried these are all baby teeth that will all fall out one day when they reach around 5 and she will have her permanent teeth after so not worry at all

I think it's fine. Especially since you have a dentist appointment. If your baby doesn't seem bothered by it then I wouldn't worry. If there is something wrong, the dentist will tell you for sure.

My lil man who’ll be one on the 19th has the same gap thing in his top teeth but it’s slightly bigger .. but he also has a lip tie which I think is what his is from but his dr said thtll it’ll resolve on its own when he’s older and falls at some point and it busts and goes away? I dnt exactly agree w the dr on tht one but 🤷‍♀️

It looks like a geminated tooth to me (double tooth). I had one as a child, two teeth that had joined together. It fell out as one tooth. I found this which might be helpful for you

Our little one at 11m has this gap too :(

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