Normal newborn behaviour - Advice?

FTM of a 2 week old and I am over worrying about everything! She sleeps too much... Worried. Isn't sleeping enough... Worried. Breathing strangely, too windy after a feed, dribbling too much during a feed (bottle fed), is wanting to eat regularly, isn't wanting to eat as regularly and falls asleep during feeds... Worried. No day seems to be the same and I honestly think I'm just fretting and worrying about everything way too much so I'm hoping some of you lovely ladies can share things that maybe you worried about with your littlest and it turned out to be completely normal Thank you in advance!
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Oh god where do I even start 😂 so ftm here and I am the biggest stress head. I worried about if his nappy was too tight or if i put enough barrier cream. I would wash his huggies wipes with warm water so he didn’t get cold. I would worry when he had hiccups or when he would make strange noises in his sleep. I worried that my breastmilk let down was too much for him and scared that he would choke. Worried about his colic ( he was super gassy) I worried if I was under feeding him because I couldn’t measure my breastmilk I would worry about his little cradle cap or any newborn acne he would. Honestly I worried about everything because I wanted to do everything right for my son but at the end no matter what I did… I couldnt control it all. They will get nappy rashes, they will have sleep regressions, they will have colic and cradle cap and everything else we worry about. Try to enjoy the newborn phase as much as possible and just remember its normal to worry. Us moms can’t help it ❤️

This is literally me, I was googling everything thinking he had this that and the other trying to buy things to help him. Tracking everything and just being super worried about every little noise poo’s and all sorts. Today was the day that I’m trying to go with the flow and just know every day is different and as long as you feeding them, making sure they’re clean and being changed, resting… you’re doing everything right x

Mine slept all day yesterday which is rather unusual for him and has horrible baby acne. I’m terrified I’m causing it cause it looks awful, he slept too much, he coughs when he drinks, I let him sleep so he slept 5 hours straight after s he going to starve cause of that. Very anxious messy mummy. But he tells us what he needs we just have to listen.

Sounds like normal behaviour, so try not to worry too much! The more they feed, toilet and sleep the better 💖

The noises they make in their sleep! No one warned me about the grunting, honking and general chaos of newborn sleep…I even recorded a video of my baby one night and played it to the GP, who was like yep that’s normal 🥲

Thanks everyone! That's so reassuring!! ❤️

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