Best bottle for breast fed babies

We've been trying to get LO to take a bottle as he's been EBF since birth (now 21 weeks) but I return back to work soon. So far we've tried Lanisoh and MAM, but wondered if there are any other recommendations out there? On a positive, he will take the teats in his mouth but ends up getting a bit frustrated, so we're also not sure if we need to go up a teat size (have been using size 2) but also conscious of creating a bottle preference which we'd hope to avoid.
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i believe a breastfed baby should stay on the slowest teat possible, could he be getting frustrated because the flow is too fast? my little girl is 22w tomorrow and we’re still on mam size 0, she’s always been formula fed and she finishes 6oz in 10m so there’s no need for us to size up currently x

@Amy oh possibly! For some reason we thought he may be getting frustrated that it's coming out too slowly, but maybe it's the other way around 🙈 we do have some size 0s/1s I think so we'll give one of those a go x

its so hard to know isn’t it?! i think it’ll be worth trying a slower teatime for sure and try pace feeding so keeping him somewhat up right, bottle teat not full of milk - if you’re unsure i can try and video when i next feed my little girl x

We were also told when introducing a bottle by the lactation consul to have size 0 first as the nipple flow doesn’t get any faster with age like bottles do! They also suggested paced feeding and for my partner to do it when I’m out of the room so my baby couldn’t smell the milk and associate it with breastfeeding

Have you tried making sure that the teat is warm? That was a game changer for my little one. Either freshly sterilised from microwave or dipped in boiled water to warm it.

My baby is 5 months, EBF and also won’t take a bottle. After trying about 5 different bottles I did loads of research online and it said that it by 4m they aren’t taking a bottle, they will never learn the ability to take from a teat now and to just go straight to a cup.. it’s very messy and very long winded but he does take milk from the cup. Occasionally I try a bottle just to try again but it’s a lost cause he just doesnt know what to do with it. He doesn’t have a dummy either which I think adds to the inability to suck x

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