Nausea subsided a bit at nine weeks??

Anyone else?! I was dealing with intense nausea to the point I could hardly eat. I’m 9 weeks and 4 days and for the last two days seem to be improving! This is my third pregnancy but first time ever having nausea so I’m unsure as to when it starts getting better!
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My last pregnancy I was sick like the whole time. I'm so greatful this time around the nausea seems to be gone unless it's raw meat.

Yep mine was AWFUL and around 9w3d it started to subside. Now 10 weeks and it’s only a little in the morning and if I go long periods without eating

Same! 9w1d and it subsided so much. As long as i keep snacks around and dont eat too much at once :)

Yeah I was sick weeks 6-9 but end of week 9 & going into week 10 (currently 10+3) it’s more tolerable but the mornings are still rough. I’m just glad it’s not lasting all day/every night!

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