Im so lonley I'm a stay@home mother With a medical condition I find it hard to connect with others due to this Coz when your " normal " ( hope that didn't come out wrong) Iv been labelled all my life and it doesn't help you in anyway It makes it 100 times harder to make friends Ppl bearly look at me when I pick my son up I try to be talk active But in the end it falls on death ears ,iv been thinking about bring my ear phones how uncomfortable I'm feeling at pick up time Because of covid play groups where not happing Coz as soon as I started going they closed 3 weeks later Dad passed I dont like my sisters much And not that having a partner is a big deal But I miss the closeness of another person But id really like a friend to chat to or hang with
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I'm 21 not sure how old you are but I will be a listening ear I have no family bar a brother it's just me and my son I do have a partner and he works a way xx

Hey there im the official weird oddball of all the moms. Im alternative so i fit in nowhere in my mom circles. Feel free to chat

Hi! I don’t know if you’d be interested but I have a group chat that I created over iMessage with a bunch of moms all over the states(assuming your in the US too) if you’d like to join we’re always adding more people in. It’s completely judgment free and honestly I haven’t had many mom friends until I make the chat. Feel free to message me if you interested or if your like a friend without being in the group in also here🤍

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