Had my first scan today I’m 10 weeks 6 days 💙🩷 But super paranoid as the sonographer asked if I’ve ever had my pelvis scanned before when she was looking at the baby. Am I being paranoid or has she seen something I should be concerned about? She never said anything after that🥲
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If they saw something that concerned them they would have told you x

Thank you, I did think surly she would have said but just thought random question to ask me🤣🤷🏼‍♀️ xxx

Sonographers are not allowed to make diagnosis' or give medical advice, if she saw something she can't say more than what she said. Did you see your OB afterwards?

I see you’re in the UK. If the sonography saw anything concerning, they would have asked a doctor to come and see you. If you were sent home after then they likely were just making small talk and all is well :)

@Donna I thought that, thank you for your reply 🥹xxxx

@Holly No worries lovely. It’s so nerve wracking at the beginning. Congratulations btw! I’m 9+1 weeks with my first and totally get it xxx

@Donna awww congratulations to you too!! Yes it is, any little sign/symptom you panic 😭 xxxx

@Tay you're wrong, in the UK sonographers do the diagnosis and give the medical advice. Most people in the UK are not under a doctor for their maternity care.

I'm a radiographer, I always ask this! Sometimes it's useful when the patient says "oh yeah last time I had a chest x-ray they had to do 2 because my lungs are long" or similar. If I was asked if I'd had my pelvis scanned before I'd say "yeah we've had IVF so lots of internal and abdominal scans". It's just making conversation and an easy way to open up to let you mention anything you want to or that may be relevant.

@Charley awww thank you for clearing that up!! That makes me feel better xxxx

@Charley That’s exactly what I said when I had a scan at 6+1 (although this one is not an IVF baby - was just extremely lucky after failed/cancelled rounds previously). I always joke about how I already have no dignity left and that everyone’s already had a look/poke around down there 😂😂 x

@Donna lol anyone is welcome down there I've got nothing left to hide 😆

@Charley 100%. I think I even said the cleaner was welcome if he’d wanted 😂😂 I don’t even wait for the curtains to be closed before removing my clothes now. No point in being shy at this point

@Charley I didn't see the British flag. You don't have to be rude.

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