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Please I’m really at a loss here. Waiting to see the ped on Thursday. For about 2 weeks now my LO has been a really unhappy eater. (Only during the day 🤔). Without fail she eats an ounce and then starts doing a mix of her hunger and tired cry but refuses the bottle. She’s exclusively fed breastmilk. It takes about 20-30 minutes to sooth her but last night she had an episode where it was on and off for 3 hours. Sometimes after she’s soothed she’ll finish her bottle or she’ll breastfeed. Some bottles she does perfectly fine, and others these episodes occur. I can’t find any correlation. I don’t know what to do I am at my wits end. My husband has completely given up trying and I can’t keep doing this for every feed I’m exhausted. Could it just be this 6-8 week growth spurt? Is it colic? Please help :( It’s absolutely not gas - she burps and farts/poos every feed. Soft belly. Different cry. We have tried mylicon and gripewater. Bottles: We were using Dr Browns L1 and bumped her to L2 thinking that was the issue but she was spitting up too much. We just switched over to Mam and she seems to latch to that bottle better but still having the same episodes.
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It’s normal is a phase that they go through. I’m dealing with the same thing. I use the wonder weeks app

@Jaclyn my baby was born 4 weeks early so according to that app she’s not going through the leap yet

Remember every baby is different the app can say a thing but if you feel like it’s going on for so long what I do is walk around with her , hold her and let her calm down herself and then feed her goes on for while but what we got to do is be patient trust me some days I feel like what we doing wrong but it’s just a phase every baby can go through it differently

Have you changed your diet at all?

@Anna Maria nope

Our baby did this and he was diagnosed with bad acid reflux. Sometimes it has nothing to do with gas or pooping/ burping but how they feel inside? I don’t know how to describe it. We do smaller feeds more often and keep him completely upright the whole feed

@Nicole I wondered this and have been feeding her like this since but no improvement. It’s also super inconsistent. Not sure her feeds could get any smaller as she’s still only doing 2oz

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