Formula night feeds

Are any other formula fed babies still waking for feeds in the night? She still wakes twice for a feed, I do try and resettle her first but she's always hungry and won't settle. It's not at the same times as night so I don't think it's just habit? She drinks plenty in the day and has started weaning. Anyone else the same?
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Still feeding once a night. Feeding at this age at night is still really normal. I don’t think some babies drop it until solids are properly established 😊

im up every 2/3 h for a feed, always been

We are still giving a bottle too - the timing varies 🙂

Can I ask how you make up these bottles at night…? New to formula and he still wakes early morning 😋

I still do once in the night too, try with dummy first but if not I feed usually between 2 and 4! @Jade I take a flask with hot water, the powder, sterilised bottle and then I take a cool bag with ice packs in and some cool boiled water so then I can do half and half and straight feed 😊 xx

Once in the night x

Yep once a night between 3 and 5 👍🏻

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