Milk supply issues

Hello! I’m a FTM and gave birth about a week almost two weeks ago. At first when I was in the hospital and the first few days home my supply was great. I was pumping enough to make my son two bottles at a time Now I’ve noticed my supply has gone down a bit. I can only make enough for one bottle now. And way less than an ounce for my second bottle I’ve been trying to eat more, drink more and sleep more but it’s been hard. I can never find the time to do any of it. Everytime I sit down to eat he starts crying and I immediately tend to him. Plus I have little to no appetite How can I increase my supply again? He doesn’t breastfeed and it’s hard to constantly pump every 1-2 hours because I’m not making enough to meet his needs
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Oatmeal and coconut water have always helped my supply!

Do you have a thyroid issue also the postpartum staff really didn’t help me! I was stressed

Hello, I had my little boy 3 weeks ago and I do formula/ pumped BM & I pump every 3 hours but sometimes every 2 hours. You should be pumping even if 1 oz comes out because it's telling you're body to make more also check you're flange sizes make sure you have the correct size. ~ foods & drinks that have helped my milk supply • oatmeal, oatmeal cream pies, oatmeal ice cream, oatmeal cookies, body amours, coconut water, coconut milk & white cranberry strawberry juice, WATER, WATER, WATER!!! Make sure to stay hydrated!!!

I use fenugreek tablets 5000mg but look into it as some women end up having low supply Because of it. Oatmeal in the morning is good as well. Keep hydrated all the time and the most important thing that helped me is a wearable pump. I bought one off Amazon for 70£ and I just put it in my bra and turn it on and do my own thing. Pump from 8-12 times a day because milk production works as supply and demand. So even if there’s nothing coming out, pump for at least 5 minutes when milk stops flowing so that your body understands you need more and it will produce. If you need anything else, message me xx

@Zobo I don’t believe I do

I eat oatmeal cookies, more protein, more calories, sometimes lactation cookies, more water and a body armour helps to replenish the vitamins needed as well as just amazing hydration

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