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Hi all We're looking at nursery chairs but need some help! We're struggling to decide what we want/need. We haven't got the biggest space so want to be smart with what we choose. All the nursery chairs we've seen have a rocking motion but some friends have mentioned having something comfy enough to sleep on too (a recliner etc). We've seen some lovely armchairs that recline enough to snooze on but they don't rock. It's our first, so I'm looking for advice of what and how you used the chair in your little ones nursery. Thanks in advance 😊
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Definitely a rocking chair. I didn't sleep on it, not safe to hold baby and sleep. Nursing chairs are great because they are padded and you can stop the rock but they are quite large.

Definitely a rocking chair and one of the things I needed when I brought one was it to be wide enough that I could comfortably breast and bottle feed while sat crossed legged and arms that weren’t too high and uncomfortable again while sat crossed legged as that was how I always sat when feeding and rocking to sleep!

@Isobel can I ask which one you got in the end? Thanks.

Would love you both to share which ones you used, if you don't mind 😊 I'm finding the options a bit overwhelming! @Jo it was more for either my partner or I to sleep on whilst baby is in their cot if needed, but not sure if that's something we'd need. It was just mentioned by some friends as an option

@Annabel I picked up a nursing chair on facebook so not sure what it is. You are more likely to bed share than sleep in there from personal experience. Some people choose to put a bed in the room but obviously can't if not much space.

I never bought a nursing chair and never felt I needed one. During night I breastfed in bed and during the day was just wherever I was 🤷🏼‍♀️

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