Help 😊 (potty training)

I have a 14 month old little girl and I know it is a little bit early but she tells me when she does a poo and says bubble when she has done a wee (I don’t know where she got that from😂) but I just wanted to see if it is a sign to start not fully but slowly introduce the potty any advice ?
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Hey ! Yeah that can be , my girls 15 months , I’ve introduced her to the potty recently x

Yes start! We started from 6 months putting baby on potty. Now she’s 22 months and has been almost fully trained since 20 months. Put her in potty after meals. Take nappy off in the house, there will be some accidents but it helps as they don’t like the feeling of wetting themselves. It’s so rewarding for both to watch their little journey 😍

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