Anyone had a traffic court thing where they were told another court date and to come back with a license...but then didn't? I couldn't afford the $50 for the PD, I can't afford my antibiotic for $11. But overall, getting my license would be $560 sooo.. I'm not gon have it. Anyone know what happens in that case?
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They prob would’ve waived the charges if you came back with a license. Depending on what charge it is, they may just allow you to plead guilty or adjudicated, which would allow you to just not be able to drive again without a license or they may require time or a fine. Completely depends on the charge.

@Bee yea, it's driving w a suspension with knowledge. Hopefully it's a fine. But also I gots no money! 😭😭

@Kassie 🌒🌕🌘 is this your first one with knowledge?

@Bee yes ma'am! Idk when it got suspended but my mom checked mine when she found out hers was suspended (insurance lapse), which was like a week before the pull over.

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