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My son is refusing his nap today. He's only on 1 a day anyway and it's now 2.30pm and still refusing. He's definitely tired, has been showing signs of tiredness for like 2 hours+ but will not give in. First time it's happened since he dropped to just 1 nap a day and even if he sleeps now for an hour he would be waking up 3 hours before we start our bedtime routine so that will probably go tits up too 😭 we both recovering from colds so I could of done with the rest. What would you guys do now in this situation? Keep trying and risk bedtime or just face the fact he's gona have a 0 nap day and also risk bedtime from being over tired
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Oh goodness, I think if it was me personally I'd try to get him to 5-5 30 and do an earlier bedtime. Good luck!

I think they are plotting against us cause my toddler is fully refusing a nap today, but crying about how tired he is. It’s now nearly 6pm and bedtime routine starts in an hour and half.

@Lauren oh no! Must be something in the air today lol

Sorry I’m late on what to do for today, did he go down in the end? When my son dropped to one nap a day I was initially doing it around 1 but realised he went down a lot easier if we did it about 11:30/12 before he got to the overtired stage so wonder if that might help! He naps later in the day at the childminders and never sleeps as long and bedtime is always a bit harder 😭

@Isobel he did crash about 3pm and I let him have a short nap hoping to take the edge off the tired without damaging bed time too much and opted for a slightly later bed so we haven't started bed time just yet. Usually I do an early lunch at 11.30 and he has a nap not long after for about 90mins but he just wanted to keep playing today for whatever reason

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