baby-toddler vitamins

so i’ve started weaning my girl off formula and she’s soon gonna be on less than 500ml a day and i was advised to get her some vitamins (i take daily vitamins so i have no issue with this). i was just wondering if anyone else gives their babies vitamins or a supplement etc. and which ones they are? i’m honestly clueless as to which to get 😅
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I give my lb the wellbaby vitamin drops. I put it into either his yoghurt or oatmilk

The healthy start ones contain just A, C and D which are the NHS recommended ones

I’ve just bought a multi vitamin for the same reason

@Mary @Becca @Ali thank you so much, this is really helpful 💕

@Kayleigh does it feel like a big step for you? i feel like it’s a big step lol

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