Not feeling baby move

Should I contact the maternity assessment unit? I'm 18 weeks and haven't felt baby move yet, I know you're supposed to feel the baby between like 16-24 weeks but I just can't get the thought of something not being right out of my head
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I’m 18weeks 4days and felt exactly the same! I ended up going for a private scan at 17weeks because I just couldn’t take my mind off it and thought the stress of worrying was worth the price&risk of the extra scan.. baby was okay and moving around plenty in there! I was told it’s perfectly normal to still not feel anything especially if it’s first pregnancy as we can miss it as we don’t know what it feels like. But she told me if I do feel any movement it will usually be very low down at this point and can feel almost like small bubbles in the pelvis. I felt something very faint last night and want to believe it was baby but not sure if I’m just making it up because I want it to be true 😂 So I’d say please try not to worry, I’ve been told it is perfectly normal and no cause for alarm. Try get to that 20week scan and you’ll get the reassurance there 🤞🏽 and of course if you experience any bleeding or cramping that doesn’t go away ect. then definitely contact the mat assessment unit then

They will likely say unless it’s over 24 weeks there’s no need for any investigation! 18 weeks is pretty early, I first felt my baby at 19 weeks!

I’m 17+3 with my second baby and haven’t felt her at all yet. (Or that I’ve noticed). I had a private scan at 16 weeks and she was all happy and healthy moving all over the place. I have an anterior placenta this time round so that’s shielding any movement I think. I saw my midwife last week to and heard baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler and could also hear her moving. I understand the anxiety and worry as I too still find myself worrying about not feeling baby yet x

I didn’t feel my first move until 22 weeks. I kept panicking and bringing it up, everyone said it was fine and it was x

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