Maternity- broken trust.

Has anyone watched this? I am absolutely heartbroken for these poor families. I am in bits listening to their stories and can’t believe this has happened. No mother should ever have to go through this. Sending so much love and strength to them. 😢🙏🏻
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Haven't seen it, is it a bbc documentary? Sounds harrowing

It’s on itv. It’s really hard to watch. Xx

I watched this yesterday and my very good friend (lives in London I live in Northern Ireland) lost her son Jack. He was perfect but 10 days overdue, sent her home to get ready for induction and when she went back the next day they couldn’t find heart beat 😢 he would 8 this year. It’s just heartbreaking 💔 it shouldn’t happen to healthy mums and babies and better services are needed x

@Ashleigh heartbreaking for your friend and her family. I can’t imagine the pain 😔

Horrendous and I’m feeling it even more now my little girl made it into the world safely. She went on to have a little girl and then twins but Jack is never forgotten. I’m glad to see media attention and hopefully any changes the documentary can enforce can only be positive for future babies 💕

All we want is accountability. I'm from the documentary and the hospital still denies what happened to us the whole 5 months we were there. But it's us, the families, that have to live with what's happened. I'm a mother who lost her daughter to an organisation that won't accept accountability knowing we have evidence to prove everything we are saying. One day I'm going to have to tell my son he's a twin but his twin is no longer here & I wouldn't even know where to start knowing my daughter died due to medical negligence. Nottingham City Hospital are covering up my daughter's death and we are not the only family they have done or are now doing this too…

@Sharma I am so sorry, there just aren't any words for the loss of your babies, I hope you get the justice you deserve xx

@Sharma thank you for telling us your story about your beautiful daughter, NUH failed you and I hope you get them to accept responsibility some day soon. 💕 xx

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