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I was wondering if someone could give me some advice. We got our daschund around 2 years ago now. I recently had a baby he's now 7 months and I habe 8 yesr old. We had a problem with our daschund growling at our 8 year old son when he went anywhere near her when she was eating a bone. Seems too have diminished now. However the last week or so she has growled everyone my son strokes her. Ita make me feel on edge. If she is doing that to my 8 year old what is she gonna do to my 7 month when he starts crawling. She's a lovely temperament usually. But seems to be something up. What would advice be. Wonderig to re-home her. Although I know my boy would be in bits
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Dogs growl when they need space, they don’t use words like us to warn. I wouldn’t punish a growl as it may lead to a bite. Maybe try giving her space and letting her come to you guys, just make it a positive experience for both dog and kids. If no improvement maybe look at rehoming to a child free home.

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