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Hi We bought one of the nuby rapid cools to use instead of the Tommy prep machine which we had previously. My husbands read the instructions but I’d really confused with how you sterilise the flasks after use. As you can’t submerge in water and can’t leave in water for more than 10 minutes but the Milton tablets need 15. What do others do to sterilise? Thanks
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You can put the flask in water, just not the lid. When we’re at home if needs be we use our UV steriliser, just wash the flask in warm soapy water and scrub the inside of the lid then sterilize. If you use cold water. You can put the flask in water and we just pour some of the sterilising water into the inside of the lid and let it sit. Alternatively you could use the hot shot method and just put hot water in the flask that way it doesn’t need sterilising as often :) x

Thank you

You can fill the flask with your sterilising solution, put the lid on and turn it upside down x

Always sterilised mine in the cold water steriliser. Never any issues my end

You can put it all in water. I always sterilised mine in Milton cold water steriliser and it’s fine.

I do mine in the cold water solution for 15 mins including the lids, never had a problem x

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