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I'm unhappy in my relationship. All we did was argue last year, some small some big. All that arguing definitely impacted the relationship and it hasn't felt the same since. Not for me anyway. I feel drained in this relationship. I've tried everything to make it work but clearly am the only one trying. I'm sick of always picking up after him and feeling like his mum. Telling him off like a teenager. He doesn't make effort anymore for love languages or date nights or just general romance but is up my ass and creeps like a puppy. Always kisses and cuddles but I feel smothered. He gets in my face and thinks its cute but it's just childish. I have one child but feel like I have two. I do everything around the house and have a job. My child isn't even 2 yet. It's all too much. I feel unhappy, drained and alone in this relationship
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Have u tried talking to him about how u are feeling? If talking doesn't work for u, maybe put it in a letter for him to read. Maybe u need a day to just be you to try and switch off. Give him a date for him to plan a date night or day for u both and try and reconnect. Xxx

If you’ve tried everything I suggest either counselling or just calling it off. It’s not fair on you to take on such a big amount of responsibility and work when he’s putting 0 effort in 🤍

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