Hey, has anyone else had to deal with their little one having oral thrush and themselves having nipple thrush from breastfeeding?
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Yeppp. Doc put me on canestan and baby on nystatin. I then bought some dactarin 2% cream for my nipples as you don't have to wash it off like you do the canestan. Used the canestan on baby's bum as she had redness which we thought was just post birth swelling that was actually thrush. With the nystatin, it wasn't really working 0.5ml in each cheek as she just immediately spat it out. If she swallowed it she vomited. So I got some gauze and applied the nystatin to that and rubbed it around her mouth instead. Also grabbed some fluconazole from Amazon - took two as a loading dose and then one every day or so since. Swapped brand of nursing pads to Lilets as they had the least dyes etc in them + change them every feed or anytime I notice I've leaked. Also started sleeping topless on a towel. After all of that, we seem to be 'cured' but still following the regime as it seems to come back the second I forget to apply cream etc. Oh and wash everything that comes into contact with nipples, milk or baby at 60.

The Jack and Jill tooth and gum wipes are handy to use just before you go in with the nystatin and the xylitol helps prevent thrush from coming back. Probiotics also help, but we were both already on them anyway 😅

Thank you Holly! Going GP tomorrow for them to confirm we actually have it but I’m sure we do, all your advice is super useful

No personal experience of thrush but I know from a lactation consultant that thrush is often misdiagnosed, so best to ask your doctor for a swab to confirm x

@Anna thank you Anna, I saw a lactation consultant last Friday who said it was vasospasm and milk tongue but now I’m not so sure 😓

@Ari I was told similar and waited a week til it went into my ducts and her tongue got thiiick with white 😩

I'm not breast feeding and my little boy had it and needed two loads of Nystatin and I'm starting to think it's still a tiny bit there 😭🤦🏻‍♀️

@Holly was your little one feeding as normal or were there signs that her mouth was sore?

@Trudi fingers crossed it’s all treated and gone 🤞🏼

I suspect baby has thrush due to a thick white coating on his tongue. Rang the doctors and they’ve prescribed him nystatin and me a cream for my nipples, without even checking to see if it is thrush. He’s had the coating on his tongue for over a week now but seems fine with his feeding etc. I’ve not actually been able to get hold of the nystatin yet as all my local pharmacies don’t have it in stock… nor do Pharmacy2U Do you all have any other symptoms? Just questioning if it even is thrush given the fact it hasn’t got worse and only have the one symptom x

@Lauren it sounds to me like milk tongue then 🤷🏻‍♀️ You might find this helpful

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