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Has anyone ever tried the anti sickness bands that you wear on your wrists to help with nausea, and if so do they work? I know a couple of people who’ve used them in pregnancy but unsure if they actually work or not. I’m feeling quite nauseous all day already at 4 weeks so hoping I can find something that will help!
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I had a friend that used them and she said they were great for her - the issue was everyone who spotted them assumed (correctly) that she was pregnant, and while no one outright asked her, she was then disappointed when she started telling people and they’d already guessed. Just something to think about!

I did with my first pregnancy. They didn’t completely stop the sickness but they helped a little bit, I noticed a difference when I didn’t wear them. I did however have very bad sickness to the point of not being able to keep food down for days at a time so I think maybe if it’s only mild nausea/sickness then they may work better for you

I found they helped a bit too, and was willing to try anything even if they helped 10% each! They didn't completely take the nausea away but took the edge off. I also found the little nausea sweets quite good

Yes I bought the sea bands from amazon and also the ginger nausea drops they did help a little but I had hyperemesis and was sick everyday all day from 6 weeks until 21 weeks so I'm not a good person to answer if they work 🙈

I tried but couldn't wear them due to trauma based sensitivity on both wrists. I wish they would've worked around my ankles or something 🤣

I recently wore them on holiday to help with sea sickness and they were amazing!! I was 27 weeks at the time I used them. The ones I used were from eBay, dead cheap and I’d deffo recommend ☺️

Really wish I saw this post at the beginning of my pregnancy 😂 I'm now 24+6 and I've been lucky my sickness has kinda subsided. I wish I thought of this at the beginning when I felt like I couldn't move from the couch lol

I found that they definitely helped me with the nausea feeling

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