Placenta and pre eclampsia

Hi all I’m 28 weeks pregnant and been for a scan on my placenta and said the placenta looks fine but there may be a restriction in the cord. Have to have an appointment and scan next week.. anyone else had this? Also have to have my bp and urine checked- I am guessing this is for pre-eclampsia. I have no symptoms of this at all. Anyone had this also? Really scaring me as I don’t want baby to arrive before she is ready
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Hi, I have raised PI in my cord had my second scan today... N been sent home. Think they just keep an eye on us... I've no symptoms of pre eclampsia either . Hope all is ok xxx

@Kaelee thanks. No one said anything just one reading wasn’t good and the other was fine. Was told I needed another scan and for urine and blood pressure to be taken Have you had to have your urine and Bp monitored?

@Samantha yes both, I had protein in urine but all okay.. n bp is fine. I have gestational diabetes too, so back again next week for growth scan, as raised PI can mean baby maybe smaller xxx

@Kaelee I have an appointment on Friday with the midwife to test everything- hoping all comes back okay Just makes me nervous as I had none of this with my first and I thought this time it would be easy now she is moving loads- apparently not. How far along are you? I’m not ready for her to come out early- 28 weeks is too early

@Samantha it's all very stressful, makes us more anxious this is my first baby but second pregnancy. I'm so over it all .. I'm now on insulin and tablets, plus all the raised PI drama, n back hip issues I want her out ha! But I agree it's too early I'm 30 weeks on Friday! Hopefully all your other checks are ok! Xx

@Kaelee aww I was like that with my boy- it was just after a loss and it didn’t help with anything that was going on- anxiety was on top form. This time I thought I would be able to enjoy it but it seems like one thing after another at the moment I bet you are over it- it’s a lot too take while worrying about everything else. I’m here if you want to talk or rant about anything. Hope everything goes well and you’re on the last ten weeks.. you can do it!!

@Samantha why we do it to ourselves ha ha... Same goes for you sweets 💖 xxx

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