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Do you think it’s okay for your partner to look at other women whilst by the pool on holiday? I’m not very happy… especially as I gave birth to his son 5 months ago but wanted to see what consensus is. If I say something am I over reacting?
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I wouldn’t like it. My husband had a habit of doing this, so I started pointing out men and their really nice cars. “Look who’s driving that Benz, babe. Oh look at that Porsche who’s driving that?” He stopped lol

It depends. It’s hard to not look at people at the pool but he shouldn’t be staring at other woman. If it is really oblivious that he is checking other woman out then maybe say something about how you don’t like it.

"Look" as in sit and stare? No, it's rude. Noticing someone that's attractive, then sure, they're not blind.

I'm going to be real, my husband looks at other women, not because he wants to sleep with them or finds me unattractive, but because he can appreciate a good body. On our first vacation together I once asked him if he was looking at a woman's ass and he said, "I mean, are you not? It's there, I'm going to look, but I have no interest in touching."

I personally do not mind. People look, as long as he isn’t staring for long periods of time, it’s no issue

I be mad put if she’s got a nice body I be watching to

I dont like it when I notice it too. However if you just see the eye wander but it's just a glimpse I think its fair to say it happens to most of us. After all I'd probably look at some men too if they have a good body. Doesn't mean I want to have sex with them. I also look at beautiful women and I am by all means straight. I often realise that if it disturbs me it comes down to my own insecurities. Have a conversation and let him know that you notice that habit and explain how it makes you feel. Hopefully he will come around and make it up to you in the form of affection and compliments to boost your ego. And if he doesn't find ways to make yourself feel good for yourself! ♡

Is he just looking? Or is he saying or doing something you are not comfortable with? My hubby and I have a rule that’s it is ok to notice someone else is attractive but that it is not ok to compare them to others , approach them or act on things.

No your with in every right. It’s rude and disrespectful especially if it makes you feel unhappy and insecure x

Please don’t come at me but if he has eyes, he is going to look. Heck sometimes even I look 👀 👀👀

I have to be honest my husband does it but he comments to me about it. Like women with nice breasts or a nice bum. He never wants to touch or stray and to some degree by him commenting I know that. He is just appreciative of the woman’s body. I sort of do the same with men maybe less so than him though. It’s if he does it in secret or takes it further then there is a problem. I know whilst I am pregnant I look rather bad (it doesn’t suit my body at all) but he still pays me compliments and still wants to be intimate so I don’t worry. I think we all worry we aren’t like we used to be post baby but if a man can’t see the beauty in the fact your body created the most incredible gift from scratch then they aren’t a real man xx

We all love a window shop 🤷🏻‍♀️

Well I would be upset and, obviously, a bit insecure in that situation. Maybe let him know how it made you feel to see that. If he isn't the kinda man that takes criticism well, give him a taste of his own medicine. Some men don't understand that WE have options as well. We were us before them 👏👏🌹

If you are uncomfortable with it then have that conversation. Having open discussions with your partner is never over reacting. Would I personally be offended by my husband looking at other people? No. I’d probably be looking too. Of course I would have to laugh if someone suggested my husband was cheating. I probably wouldn’t believe it, I trust him and I know he’s busy cheating on me with his dirt bikes lol My point is, listen to your instincts too. If you feel like something is up it probably is. If you think it’s just him admiring the view, have a conversation with him asking him not to around you because you’re uncomfortable with it. Remember that overreacting is an outward emotional action. Conversation is not this. Even if some men hate to have them. If he reacted to the topic negatively or if you start yelling at him, that’s the over reaction.

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I find it a huge turn off! Some times my husband will comment on the “slutiness” (lack of better word) of other women. This just pisses me off. 1. Why are you looking. 2. Why do you care. But he also just is a bit too judgy in life in general. Like oh they gained weight or they look like x. I honestly dont see stuff like that most of the time. (Hes self conscious himself so goes along with it imo) Im just focused on myself and the task at hand lmfao 🤦‍♀️

I think there’s a huge difference between a glance and gawking. I think it depends on how he’s doing it.

It depends on the type of ‘looking’. You can’t help but look, I know I look, mainly to be nosey 😂 but if it’s just looking, then I don’t see the issue, as long as it doesn’t go any further than looking.

He looks, I look. I appreciate women’s beauty and I’m usually the one pointing them out. We just glance and appreciate, we’re not staring to the point she notices. He also notices that men double glance at me. It’s really hard not to see a gorgeous girl at the pool or beach 🤨 My husband doesn’t look in a way where the women notices and that I’m fine with.

I'd also like to add that I have inadvertently starred at people, not because I'm actually looking at them, but because I'm lost in thought and my head happens to be facing that direction. I say that I'm starring through people a lot. If he made lewd comments that would be one thing, but just looking or even starring is not really indicative of anything. Talk to him. That is your best option. He may not have even realized he was starring if he was. We can't make assumptions about his motives if we don't have all the information.

@Stacey 🇵🇸 Love that idea!!!!!

It depends tbh I'm not bothered by these things and in most cases I'd probably be lookin if he was comparing me to the other women yes I'd have a problem but otherwise I'm really not phased

😳we would be looking together😮‍💨that’s just me.

@Ashley haha thank youuu. He got the message clearly and quickly lol He doesn’t want me to be distracted by other men, so obviously I don’t like him being distracted by other women. He literally needed a taste of his own medicine and one little dose was all it took 😂

My husband and I both check women out together all the time! 😄

I'd be mad

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