How much is your lo feeding? My girls 6 weeks and I’ll make up bottles of around 120ml (4 scoops) - after the scoops is around 150ml. Sometimes she’ll devour the whole bottle, other times will leave around 30-60ml. She’ll have around 8/9 bottles sometimes more a day. I’ve been told by the doctor I’m over feeding her and she should be having no more than 450ml a day. I don’t know what I’m expecting to do if she’s crying and only wants a feed, I obviously check her other needs first but sometimes she’s starving and wants a feed.
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This sounds exactly like my little boy who is 4 weeks old- we make up 4 oz bottle but sometimes he will only take 3-3.5oz then next feed he’ll scoff the full 4oz - sometimes he will want a feed after 2 hours, sometimes 4 hours so we take his lead with it. My HV wasn’t concerned about this as he’s gained a healthy amount of weight

Mine is 5 weeks tomorrow, at the moment we give her 4oz (120ml) each feed but sometime like yours, she devour the whole bottle, sometime she has 2.5oz to 3oz. She currently have 5-8 feeds per day and definitely have more than 450ml a day….

My little boy is 4 weeks old and he is now having 5oz bottles every 3/4 hours... Sometimes will drink 4oz or he will drink all the 5oz. I don't see how they can say it's over feeding as if they don't want it they won't drink it or if they do they will sick some up if it's too much 🤷

My boy is 3 weeks having 4oz every 3 hours

My little one is 4 weeks and is the same - sometimes 1oz, sometimes 2, 3 or 4!

450mls seems very little. My girl is 4 weeks old having 550-650 mls a day. You know your baby best. Ignore that doctor 😒

Defo not over feeding.. even formula fed babies feed on demand! Mine is almost 3wk and on 4oz bottles, he's about to be upped to a few 5oz ones!! Cause he really is sucking them dry!!!! If they didn't want, you'd absolutely know it from them.

Thank you all! It’s made me feel better that everyone seems to be doing the same as me. The doctor implied she was fat too, she’s dropped to the 25th centile and is definitely not fat or even chubby 🥲

I’ve got a very hungry little man so he is on 6oz every 3/4 hours and he’s nearly 5 weeks, I would switch him to hungry baby formula but I’ve already had to switch him to anti constipation formula so don’t want to upset him again, he’s only been on 6ozs for the last few days and at first I felt like I was over feeding him but he loves it, he’s not sick after any bottles and he absolutely drains them so I wouldn’t worry about over feeding like everyone else said you know your baby and what they like, my midwife said every baby is different and will take different amounts and as long as I’m not having to force it down him to carry on as we are x

My baby is 6 weeks tomorrow but has been having 4oz feeds every 3 hours or so since 4 weeks. Sometimes she will only want 2 or 3 oz but mostly she finishes her feeds. She sometimes needs a break. I have a visit from the health Visitor tomorrow bit I'm pretty sure she is healthy and happy. She settles well, she can be awake and down but is pretty content when she is. So I'm not worried. Listen to your baby. They will tell you what they need x

@Ciara I found with my first born he needed a break and got told to change the teat to next size and he was back to drinking it all without a break. Was because he needed to suck more to get it out and was tiring him out and the bigger teat let out more x

my wee girl is 6 weeks old and is on 3oz bottles, but can take them every 2-3 hours or 1-2 hours, iv tried her on 4oz n she will only take 3oz of the bottle, my health visitor told me there is no to much for a baby if they didn’t want it they would show you all the signs of it, your bossing it mama xx

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