Should I be worried?

This is baby #2’s NIPT results. With my first we got it done at 12 weeks, this time they recommended 10 weeks for some reason. They said high risk results are from the early test and low fetal fraction, and they’re having me come in to retest today but I can’t help but feel nervous about this 😭
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You can do it as early as 9 weeks, we fid my fraction was 14%. However, if you had ovulated later than normal then you could be not as far along and therefore there wouldn’t be enough fetal DNA flowing through your blood stream (hence a low fetal fraction). Could also be a testing error or fluke- it’s not like that’s out of the realm of possibilities. try to not worry until you have to - i know that’s easier said than done- but you do these things to ensure you and your baby are in the best care possible, so try to think positive until you get your retest back. Sending good wishes your way!

@Jacqueline thank you for this! My OB showed me the exact same result from the same gestational age (it was her daughter, she had permission 🤣) and said none of the DNA was tested due to low fetal fraction, the high risk result was a low threshold throw! This makes me feel sooooo much better!!!

Can't wait to see the new one mama. You're fetal fractions are too low. Don't worry 😊

Mine was the exact same at 10 weeks. Got it repeated at 12w2 days and got a 3.6% fetal fraction and they were able to determine it is low risk

Nothing to worry about but wait for the next retest baby just might not be there just yet

I had the exact same thing and had taken the test at 10 weeks. Just redid the test at 12 weeks and awaiting results. Fingers crossed it was just a tad too early the first time.

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