Patronising midwives

I'm eight months into my first pregnancy and have been so struck by how some people treat pregnant women as though they are babies themselves. Has anyone else noticed this? I want to tell them, "I'm having a baby, I'm not a baby myself." E.g. when one midwife wanted my urine sample, instead of saying this, she asked, "Can I get your widdle sample?" Another midwife, when telling me they suspected I had gestational diabetes and I asked what that meant, instead of outlining the condition and what it could mean for the baby and my future health just replied "Oh it just means baby might be a bit chubby!" It was so unhelpful and meant I had to go home and read loads of scary.stuff on Google rather than hear it from a health professional. I just cannot imagine any other health speciality talking to patients like they are little kids (except paediatrics!). Like being on a cardiology ward and asking a question and being told "ah you've just got a bit of a dodgy ticker!" Is this just the midwives in my area?? One or two who I have seen have been really knowledgeable, communicative and treat me like I have a brain, the others, it has genuinely shocked me that they can be so condescending toward adult patients.
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Wow! That is quite patronising, I'm sorry that you are being spoken to in that way. Could you maybe bring it up with the midwife in question &/or, request for another midwife?

Thanks! I just assumed they spoke to all patients like that. The two other midwives I have had have been fantastic. I'm nervous to complain now while I'm so dependent on them for care but after the baby is here I think I will mention how frustrating it has been not getting proper info and being treated like a little kid (I'm in my late 30s!)

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