Water cup

Hi all which cup is your baby using to drink water from? Should it have a straw? How should they be drinking it? Thanks
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I always understood that free flow beakers are the best and babies shouldn't use beakers with valves.

i just use an open cup as she’s starting to get teeth now x

Doidy open cup and tum tum weighted straw cup.

We use Tumtum straw cup, it doesn’t have a valve which has helps her learn how to control the water flow herself x

I second Emily's recommendation

For a cheap alternative to Tum tum (£2.45), a free flow straw in Tesco that works really well for my little boy, he has been using it from 7 months. Fred & Flo Straw Beaker 380Ml https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/301254129

We use the straw when out for meals and practice with doidy cup at home

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