Longer nap in morning or afternoon

Just wondered what your babies naps are like? My baby is fighting bed time bad. I spoke to a lovely childminder at softplay and she mentioned trying flipping the naps to shorter in the morning and longer in the afternoon. Currently doing 1.5 hours at 9:30 2:30 - 30 mins otherwise bedtime is 9pm :( Anyone doing this? Has it worked?
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I've always done short nap in the morning and longer at lunchtime with both of mine. Your baby is likely overtired by bedtime and not settling easily because that's a really long time to go on only half hour. My little boy wakes about 6.30/7, he has a 20/30 min nap about 10, then I put him down at 1pm and wake him at 3pm, then he's in his cot at 6.45pm and always alseep by 7pm, he's been sleeping through since 5 months. Its an easier routine to follow because as they get older you keep the lunchtime nap at the same time which helps because they are used to it and the morning nap just gets shorter and eventually you drop it and still keep the lunchtime nap at 12.30/1 xx

We do around 45 mins in the morning and 1.5 hours in the afternoon and always awake by 3. She still didn’t sleep until 9pm today so no idea what to try next 🫠

2 weeks ago she would have a nap until 4pm and go to bed at 7:45 latest. Now we’ve had to cap it as she is fighting bedtime so much. If she sleeps until 4pm she is going to bed passed 9pm She has just learned to stand so I’m guessing it’s a regression/phase?

Sorry another question. With a short nap in the morning. What time do you do lunch and bottle? My babies on 3 bottles still

Yea it's probably definitely affected by standing. Try to stick to your timings though because she won't suddenly be able to stay awake loads longer she's just found something more exciting to do! Try not to intervene too much, let her stand and then when she gets bored hopefully she'll sit down and go to sleep! We had a sleep consultant with my first, so this is where my info is coming from! With a short morning nap, we do lunch about 12, then he naps at 1. He only has a morning and evening bottle now but if he was having another, I'd just do lunch at 12, then offer him a bottle after that, so they top up with any milk they need, then nap at 1. They don't necessarily need a bottle separate to lunch at this age they can just have lunch then you top them up, rather than eating a while and giving a whole bottle, you sort of have it all as the same meal xxx

@Nicola thank you. Would you suggest I flip the naps to shorter in the morning and give that a go? I’m a ftm and feel like I’m constantly failing as her sleep has never been great x

You are honestly not failing, my little girl has always been a pain in the bum with trying to figure out her sleep and how much she needs, why she wakes early etc! I did nothing different with my son and he sleeps no problem, I do think it's girls 🤣 I would just try and get a routine and stick to it. I like short then long because as they get bigger you don't have to move the timings so their body clock gets used to that lunchtime nap. If you do a long one in the morning then as they get older you have to keep moving the timings of naps. What time is she waking in the morning?xx hat sort of time does she wake up?

Also just to say, in about 6 months when they drop to 1 nap, figuring out sleep will get a lot lot easier so just hang in there!xxx

Thank you!! Really appreciate your kind words! Everyone says girls are harder. Apparently I was a nightmare sleeper until I was 3! She wakes up around 6:30 to start the day but we have multiple wakes in the night for dummy or a quick resettle x

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